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Author Topic: How do I setup receicing email snapshots and video clips for my 942L?  (Read 6896 times)


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Ok so the 942L is up and running but I ain't getting no email snapshots nor video clips.
I think the menu for setting up the "Video Clip" and "Snapshot" is severely lacking HELP info for users like myself; I have NO idea what to type in the smtp field, the sender or recipient email fields, and especially not username and password. Do I put my email username and password there, or my MyDlink login email and password? I am SO confused and I think it's DLINK lacking info, not me whos the complete moron. :) Help!


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Re: How do I setup receicing email snapshots and video clips for my 942L?
« Reply #1 on: August 19, 2012, 07:19:47 AM »

Recipient - the email address that will be getting pictures sent to it.

smtp server, port, username, password - this is info specific to your email account, usually available from your ISP or by looking in your mail programs account settings.  smtp is the mail server you use(like smtp.ispname.com), port is the port it communicates on(usually 25 for smtp) and if your email account requires authentication then you have to fill in the name and password(or leave blank for none)

sender email- this is just the email address that the email appears to come from, you can probably put the same address here or create an email address just for your camera and put it here..... it's not that important but the email sent needs to come from someone.

SSL/TLS - this is for secure communication and is specific to your email account also, some servers let use use this and some don't.... again check your mail providers required settings.

Edit: for example if you use gmail, these settings work for me

recipient: myemail@gmail.com
smtp server: smtp.googlemail.com
port: 465
username: myemail@gmail.com
password: ***********
sender: myemail@gmail.com
use ssl--tls:  SSL-TLS

Hope this helps a little, it's all to do with your mail provider and nothing to do with your dlink account.
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