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Author Topic: DNS 343 access issue from MacBook  (Read 3028 times)


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DNS 343 access issue from MacBook
« on: August 12, 2012, 07:08:00 AM »

I had no problems accessing the shares on my NAS until I upgraded my MacBook from Snow Leopard to Mountain Lion OS. Now Finder can see the NAS ok, connects & lists the shares. However the shares are all restricted & although I can see the folders directly in them, I can't access any of the contents from there Downward. For instance:

   |- Documents (share on the NAS)
      |- Contents (folder in Documents)

if the share is named Documents & contains a folder called Contents, I can open Documents but not Contents - it is displayed with a 'no entry' sign on it. If I try to open the Contents folder, I get a message saying it 'can't be opened because you don't have permission to see its contents'. There have been no changes at the NAS, only the MacBook OS but I can't figure out how to get allowed to view the contents. Logging into the NAS when Finder asks for connect credentials doesn't make any difference & I have tried everything from admin/[blank] to [myOldLogin]/[myOldPassword].
I'm stuck, I can't figure out whether it's a NAS issue or a MacBook issue. Does anyone have any advice to help me get connected?