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Author Topic: DCS-2230  (Read 6104 times)


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« on: June 01, 2012, 03:23:55 PM »

I was using the DCS-942 and couldn't stand the constant clicking sounds when it turned from day/night mode for no reason, so I upgraded to the DCS-2230.  It's a much better camera, with a wider view, and it doesn't go to night mode as easily.

Still have a few problems:

1. This camera doesn't work with the My D-Link iPhone app, so I downloaded D-Link Cams viewer from EyeSpy.  It seems to work on wi-fi while I'm at home but doesn't work on 3G.  Is there a setting I have to change in order for it to work on 3G?  Is there a better app out there?  I know there are a lot of apps for IP cameras, but few seem to be compatible with the DCS-2230.

2. Is there a way to get continuous video feeds instead of small files?  Also, I can't seem to get both video and snapshots without the system sometimes only sending me notifications because I haven't set the priority properly, I think.  I'd like to get both video and snapshots of the same events.  Is that possible?

3. I use one of these camera indoors, but facing outside my front window.  I turn the IR sensor off, because it obviously has a bad reflection at night.  I don't want to run wires outside, so anyone know o***ood solar or battery-operated IR illuminator?

Joe Public

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Re: DCS-2230
« Reply #1 on: June 04, 2012, 05:51:27 AM »

1) You may use "tinyCam Monitor Free" if you have an Android phone, select manufacturer "Dlink", model "DCS-2230", insert internet address and then port. Anyway you can use the browser on your smartphone, using this URL:
where N is the video profile. For example you can set a video profile for mobile connections.
2) It is not possible to get both video and snapshots with the first firmware issued with this cam (1.0.0). Only italian and russian users may use an updated firmware (1.0.2) that is able to let user select more than one events at a time (so to have snapshots, video, and email). If you are outside Italy and Russia, please contact your local D-Link tech support in order to get an updated firmware.
3) I have not understood your request. For outdoor you can purchase an outdoor box suitable for many cameras, you don't need to use wires for data transmission (there is wireless network for this), you have only to plug the power. I have no other idea to solve your problem, sorry.
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Re: DCS-2230
« Reply #2 on: June 04, 2012, 04:04:00 PM »

1. If the app works while on your own network but not on 3G, check first to see whether it works when you are on wifi but NOT your own network. If it doesn't work while outside your network (wifi or 3G), then there is probably a routing problem. You need to have a static IP address or set up a ddns account (dlinkddns.com is free). You also need to forward the port used to access the camera. For example, if you choose port 8080 as your HTTP port under Setup/Network Setup, then port 8080 on your router must be forwarded to the camera's local IP address.

As for apps, I use IP Cam Viewer Pro. It is $4 (I believe), supports both the microphone and the speaker on the camera (although the sound is pretty choppy), and you can zoom in and out by pinching or spreading on the iPhone. Also, the developer is very helpful and responsive.

2. Joe Public is not quite accurate: version 1.0 of the firmware supports two events, not just one. It should support a video and simultaneous snapshot -- at least mine did. However, if you use the same media for two simultaneous events, it will not support both at the same time. Perhaps your video and snapshot are being treated as the same media. You might try setting the snapshot and video at different resolutions to get them treated as different media.

I do not believe there is a way to get continuous feeds using just the camera. Perhaps separate software could do it, but that would entail running a computer continuously.

3. I don't know of a solar or battery-powered IR illuminator, but there are plenty of battery powered security lights that go on when they sense motion. The light doesn't have to be infrared to provide enough illumination for the camera to operate.