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Author Topic: RAID5 Block size, Sectors, Parity Rotation Question  (Read 3833 times)


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RAID5 Block size, Sectors, Parity Rotation Question
« on: May 25, 2012, 06:57:59 AM »

I've royally screwed myself here, and I'm trying to recover some data. (like a lifetime of pictures for my three sons).

I have a DNS-343 in RAID 5 with 4 500GB Seagate drives.  One failed so I replaced it. When I went to have it rebuild the array, it REFORMATTED the ARRAY.  I'm pretty sure this was caused by user error, combined with fatigue and ambiguous wording in the configuration wizard. 

I'm not here to b*tch about that, but I'm here to ask for some configuration input that may help me get some better results with RAID Reconstructor/GetDataBack.

When trying to reconstruct the RAID array, can anyone fill in the following details?  Are they DNS-343 specific, or would it depend on the drives/drive size?

Start sector of RAID on each individual Drive (usually 0):
Block Size:
sectors (8kb) <not configurable>
Parity rotation:

Thanks for any help you may be able to provide.  I haven't had much luck yet, so my next question may be recommendations for data restoration companies.  I could be facing divorce if I can't recover these pictures... Well, maybe not, but sure feel like crap right now...


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Re: RAID5 Block size, Sectors, Parity Rotation Question
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2012, 07:35:05 PM »

Hi There,

Are you still working on this problem?
If you are till working on the recovery. let me know, just recently I successfully recovered 2.1 Terabytes from a RAID5 consisting of 4 HDDs 1.8 terabytes each. I had two HDD failures, at first glance it was a theoretical impossibility but I was able to pull it off to almost 100% success including data and metadata. I used 3 recovery tools, Runtime Raid Re-constructor and R-Studio, all the heavy lifting was done by R-Studio, I also used DiskInternals RAID Recovery to make images of the four HDDs at the biginning of the recovery job.
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