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Author Topic: DCS Network Camera - Why Does My Live Video Feed Only Displays in Black & White?  (Read 7447 times)
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If you own a color DCS network Camera and live video only displays in black and white (B/W), this procedure will enable the camera to display live video in color.


If your DCS IP Camera is only displaying video in black and white (B/W), the camera is likely in Night Mode (i.e. night vision enabled). To disable night vision, perform the following procedure:

  • Open a web browser and enter the DCS IP Camera IP address as the URL (e.g.
  • Enter your login credentials
  • Navigate to SETUP > Day/Night Mode
  • Selecting Always Day Mode will always display a color image, but Night Mode will not work
  • Selecting Auto will enable the DCS IP Camera to switch between Day Mode (color) and Night Mode (black and white) based on the ambient light level
  • Press Save Settings

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Find answers here: D-Link ShareCenter FAQ | D-Link Network Camera FAQ
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