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D-Link GPL/Open Source and DIR-655 Firmware?

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I've noticed D-Link has a bunch of its firmware code open sourced, and up on the ftp site.  I noticed there isn't any available for the DIR-655, the closest thing to it is the firmware for the DIR-615 (bgn WiFi router, 10/100 LAN not Gigabit, some claim similar but lesser chipsets).

I realize its not likely that this inquiry will cause it to show up, but I was just wondering if there was a particular reason that it isn't available?  In other words, what determines which firmware is open sourced?

I think the Ubicom core used in the 655 is propriety, which determines the status. Unless Ubicom decides it can be 'opened up' it remains encrypted.

Mainly if it runs on Linux, then they will need to opensource it.

There are some non-gpl linux firmwares, but usually this is true.

I figured that it might have been related to the Ubicom processor in the DIR-655.  This is one the reasons cited by people in the DD-WRT project as to why their code will never work on the DIR-655.

However, it looks like the DIR-615, which has its firmware source code released, does have a Ubicom chip as well, though probably a less powerful one.  I'm just guessing, based on it having a built-in QoS engine, and obviously I may be wrong.

Since the DIR-655 is a really great Gigabit and (2.4GHz) wireless N router on the market, expanding on its functionalities would be a lot of fun.  As it is, I can only hope that we still get new and exciting features in continued firmware development.


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