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D-Link GPL/Open Source and DIR-655 Firmware?

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I am a great supporter of open source firmwares, so I would second the motion to give the Tomato or DD WRT guys a go  :D

I agree, let the open source community fix all the bugs for "free". ;)

Well for what it is worth I agree, I would like to see D-Link sell and support hardware not software.

However that is not the way we do, and have done business for ages past.

As for why you see no DIR-655 code, the previous statements are correct, this product is not running GPL'ed code so we are not required to distribute it due to licence requirements.

The Ubicom platform currently does not support the Open Source community. It's less our decision, more theirs. however i doubt we argued about it too much. ;)

I wonder what the sales are between the linksys opensource routers compared to Dlinks.. may be a good argument for marketing strategies and revenue.


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