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Author Topic: Router blocking public.  (Read 4947 times)


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Router blocking public.
« on: August 21, 2011, 02:57:07 PM »

I have scripted my own personal website, and have started the web server program installed with Windows, IIS, and after several attempts on different computers, both in and out of my home, I have come down to the conclusion that the my WBR-1310 router won't let the public through to my website. Anyone know what I could do? And I can not buy any other products, as my parents won't let me. Yes, I am  :o 13, the minimum age required to sign up. Scripting and launching my own, personal website, www.whatever-my-website-is-called.tk, was my summer goal. Seeing as summer has nearly ended, I need help... FAST.
Could Port Forwarding work? I took a closer look at it and it looks as though it might do the trick. This is what intelligent chat said: (port forwarding...)  is used to allow data to come from the WAN (Internet) and pass through the firewall to the destination ip address(s). This is used when a device or application behind the firewall of your router needs access to a range of ports to function properly. (E.g. online games or gaming consoles, FTP servers and network cameras.)
However, no two devices or machines on the LAN side of the router can use the same port number at the same time. I've thought that the data, meaning someone else trying to get to the site, could access the site... Or could it mean letting data from the WAN side into the LAN side, like downloading something?
Sept. 16
Well, school started, summer project over, learned to script CSS, learning Java Script, no website up... Oh well, whatcha gonna do? I was also hoping to get one up for my mom's baking business... (here is a link... http://www.flickr.com/people/trulyscrumptiousdessertsbyjoanne/ )... But I noticed it will clog up our Internet... Parents won't be happy about slow Internet...
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