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Author Topic: Wired connection problem  (Read 4809 times)


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Wired connection problem
« on: February 03, 2009, 06:22:37 AM »

I know the router is good because I was using it in a different location for awhile.  I just have to confirm one thing.  I had to run a 250' wire to the router and the problem I am having is it will connect for about 5 seconds then disconnect for about 5 seconds and do that forever.  From my understanding I should be able to run wire up to 325' but am I seeing signs of poor connection due to the cable length?  Thanks for any help you can give with this.


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Re: Wired connection problem
« Reply #1 on: March 04, 2009, 01:04:46 PM »

That's cutting it too close the the threshold; try a shorter wire OR get a better brand of wire.


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Re: Wired connection problem
« Reply #2 on: December 28, 2009, 11:59:07 AM »

sorry I am so late on answering your post.
the weather outside is ugly, so I decided to read old threads/posts to pass the time.

If you have access to a cat. 5 cable tester use it to verify that your cable connector terminations are good. A bad connection, crossed, shorted, loose and incorrectly terminated in the connectors may cause your problem

Category 5 industry standards are 100 meters (325') maximum cable length and should work providing you have met ALL of the installation requiremets such as:
no 90 sharp bends. there is a maximum bend radius allowed.
no kinks.
no stretching the cable.
no staples.
no cable ties.
cable terminated as 568B or 568A.
and etc and etc.
If you exceeded the 100 meter Length the cable Length would cause the router to function as
10base-t vs 100base-t probably just on that cable.

Having said all of the above and as a cable (voice, video, data) installer of many, many years and with a high quality cat. 5 certification tester I was curious about what the test results would be if the cable was kinked, stretched, twisted knotted and the RJ-45 connectors were made with the cable untwisted and not in the connector as required.
I really messed with this exact 100 meter length test cable and the end result was that the cable passed the certification tests no mater how much I abused it.



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Re: Wired connection problem
« Reply #3 on: December 28, 2009, 04:21:22 PM »


I have run 150' (about half the length the OP was looking at) for 100baseT with no problems. Am using a 100' length on several "consumer" grade router ports in domestic situations and many of well over 200' on various Cisco routers (i.e. the Catalyst 6500 series) at work.

My guess is that the OP may have had a bad connection in a plug. I have seen this where the link comes up and then goes down, then up, then down and so on... I have had situations where a sub contractor once did some bad soldering  (I never do bad soldering these days ;D) on a patch panel and after a few months of use with no problems, his patches started going bad by making connection and then not and then connecting and then not, before finally staying bad.