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Author Topic: What I want for my 2310...  (Read 2648 times)


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What I want for my 2310...
« on: January 27, 2009, 01:01:46 PM »

This is my wish list for the next release of firmware for the 2310 router.

#1. Make the darn thing more stable, so it does not reboot whenever the wind changes direction.

#2. QoS. Well, not even "proper" QoS would be great. Even the simplest of port priority that Linksys do on even the very cheapest of all it's routers (so you can assign some degree of priority) to a physical port would be outstanding; so I can increase the priority on my Vonage device (i.e. plugged into port #4) over everything else.

#3. Make the Wireless more robust so it does not lose connection every N (insert a value between 15 and 3000 apparently at random) minutes, even when I am sitting next to the router.

#4. Allow a large number in the DHCP lease time: like 9999999 minutes.

I know we have gone over all these things and how to debug them in the passed - several times too - so lets not debate how to avoid these, the reality is that for a significant number of us, we do get these problems with the 'proper' firmware. Interesting that the owner reports on places like bestbuy.com for this router are also showing others with the same kinds of problems as I've reported before.

To be fair, not only D-LINK have routers with this kind of issue: In some Linksys devices (for example the WRT-54GS, H/W Rev 6) the DHCP server does not work, never has and never will. In that model of router with H/W rev 5 or 7 it works great. Oh yes, and you try to get support from Linksys if you use a Mac... D-LINK at least know that there are Mac (and Unix) users out there. Not everyone tows the Microsoft line 100%.

Now - Even though I am using the other firmware, with better results than the 'proper' firmware, about the only thing I'd really like to see is #2...


Will there ever be a next release of the Firmware? Yes? No? Who can say?

I see the 2310 is being sold at knock down prices (available for $39 online from tigerdirect.com), I wonder if I am looking for something (a new release of firmware) that just won't happen?


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