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Author Topic: dir-632 advice on setup  (Read 4610 times)


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dir-632 advice on setup
« on: July 07, 2011, 09:35:09 AM »

I purchased a dir-632 yesterday. Before unwrapping the box and installing, I
thought it might be a good idea to check with this forum and see if anyone here
can tell whether my setup is likely to work.

Cable modem ==> dir-632 Internet port

dir-632 LAN port 1 ==> PC#1 Network Connector (has no Wireless Adapter)

dir-632 LAN port 2 ==> VONAGE (VOIP) Device Motorola VT 2142

Non-network-enabled  ~~~ dir-632 USB Port )))))) PC#2 (has Wireless Adapter)
USB Printer

1. Will both PC#1 (no Wireless Adapter) and PC#2 have access to the internet

2. Will both PC#1 (no Wireless Adapter) and PC#2 have access to the printer?

3. If this setup will enable both PCs to access the printer, would it also work if I
attached an external USB storage device instead?

I'm not particularly opposed to buying a Wireless Adapter for PC#1, but I am
concerned about whether that will have an advserse effect on internet speed
on PC#1. Or, will PC#1 still get its internet traffic via the (wired) network connection?





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Re: dir-632 advice on setup
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2011, 03:03:47 PM »

1. It should, but not sure I completely understanding your setup. In general, that is what a router is for. Multiple computers for accessing the Internet.

2. Yes, make sure you use the printer autoconnect feature

3. Yes, but only one person can access the drive at a time. Some of the newer D-Link routers seem to be starting to have a feature to allow multiple users to connect to USB disk drives simultaneously (SharePort Plus).