• October 26, 2020, 02:08:40 AM
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Author Topic: Configuring DIR-615 Router for Optimum Speed w DWA-130 & DWA-643 Adapters  (Read 73205 times)


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I recently had problems with a DIR-655 router upgrade from a DIR-615 router on my home network. My son likes to game, so the DIR-655 with its 4 gigabit switch LAN ports was great for that, and gave full 1GBps on wired connections to my ASUS motherboard-based desktop clients. However, the wireless performance was much poorer than my old DIR-615 router paired up with any of my DWA-130 USB Wireless N Adapter clients (2 Windows 7 Professional 64-bit desktops & 1 older Windows XP laptop) or with my DWA-643 Wireless N Adapter client (a newer Windows 7 Professional 64-bit laptop). Not only was it connecting slower, but it also could not sustain a connection for long periods of time without dropping the connection to a client, making it impossible to complete full system backups to my home network server/media PC desktop (one of the 2 Windows 7 Professional 64-bit desktop clients using a DWA-130 adapter).

D-Link Technical Support determined (after several long sessions on the phone) that my DIR-655 router was defective. Even following all of D-Link Technical Support's and Lycan's Sticky Topic: 300MBps Connection Requirements!, I could not consistently achieve more than 150 MBps on my DWA-643 adapter client, and only 65 MBps on my 3 DWA-130 adapter clients, regardless of how close they were to my router. I proceeded to send the unit back through the D-Link RMA process.  In the mean time, I purchased another DIR-615 router to keep my network running while awaiting receipt of my second DIR-655 router from D-Link under the RMA warranty return.

I set up the new DIR-615 router using the CD that came with the router, following the instructions given as the CD setup proceeded. It was successful with no problems, and I found all 3 of my DWA-130 adapter clients reporting wireless speeds of 150 MBps; but my newer Windows 7 Professional 64-bit laptop DWA-643 adapter client could not access the DIR-615 router at first. However, it could access the DIR-615 router using its internal Intel Wireless N adapter connection.

After uninstalling the DWA-643 driver, downloading the latest driver for the DWA-643 from the D-Link FTP site (DWA643_drivers_140.zip), and reinstalling the DWA-643 adapter using the new driver, I was able to access the DIR-615 router, but only at 54 MBps, according to the laptop client status reports.

I called D-Link Technical Support, and after making some changes (unchecking "Enable Auto Channel Scan", changing the "Wireless Channel" to "2.462 GHz - CH 11", changing the "Security Mode" to "WPA-Personal", the "WPA Mode" to "WPA2 Only", and the "Cipher Type" to "AES") to the Wireless Network Settings under the routers home page with my son's wired connection client computer, my DWA-643 connection speed increased to 130 MBps.  However, all 3 of my DWA-130 adapter clients' connection speeds also dropped to 65 MBps!

Now, after several long D-Link Technical Support sessions, I still cannot get the best speed on my DWA-643 adapter laptop client (130 MBps) and my 3 DWA-130 adapter clients (150 MBps) at the same time. Furthermore, I have never been able to achieve the purported 300 MBps wireless connection speed with either the "defective" RMA'd DIR-655 OR my new DIR-615 that I was able to achieve with my old DIR-615 and my DWA-130 adapters.

Any suggestions other than trying some other router/adapter combination(s), which would require me to purchase new router/adapter hardware?