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Author Topic: How to setup the DCS-920 camera to view from internet?  (Read 5782 times)


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How to setup the DCS-920 camera to view from internet?
« on: March 12, 2011, 06:11:50 AM »


I have successfully setup the camera at home, that I can use the mydlink website to view. But when I go to work and open my IE to view, it does not connect to the camera. Do I know to do something at the router to make it unblock or some sort?

I am using DLink router as well. But the IP of the camera is always Any idea?

What can I do so I can view the screen even when I am not at home?  ??? ???


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Re: How to setup the DCS-920 camera to view from internet?
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2011, 08:33:07 AM »

i am not familar with that camera or the dlink sw, but here are some steps you can use to view your camera on the net w/o visiting the dlink server site:

1. Make sure your camera is set up for DHCP, your router is set up as a local DNS (usually that is the default config of the router). When your camera is plugged into the router, the router will then give it an ip address (192.168.x.x).  Note, this is a local IP address, and not a web address.
2. Once you have ensured that you camera has an IP address (verify this in the router web interface), set your router up to do port forwarding of that IP address.  If you don't know how to do this, this site will give you specific instructions on how to do that. http://portforward.com/ and for reference:http://www.wikihow.com/Set-up-Port-Forwarding-on-a-Router
3. set up a name/IP alias by going to www.dyndns.com, register for a free name redirect. Look around on the Dyndns website, there are lots of how to's.  Basically what you are doing is setting up a name-map table so that when you enter  a name of your choosing, e.g. mycam.dyndyn-server.com, into the address window of a browser, it will be translated to your router IP address.  Your router will then match the incoming ip address and 'forward' that request to your camera.  It will be translating the WAN ip address to the local IP address of your LAN.  (All home routers are set up as class C internet services and that means a fixed address of 192.168.x.x)
Provided your browser has a Java plugin or can process ActiveX data (MS IE only), you will see a picture.

Hope this helps.