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Author Topic: DirecTV Settings  (Read 24804 times)


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DirecTV Settings
« on: December 13, 2008, 08:59:15 AM »

can someone help me out with this?  ON another set of forums, they managed to get the network settings working properly... so I was wondering how I get these settings into the DGL-4500.

As for my isp / firewall setup - here it is:

Answers to those who asked:
ISP - Prolog

Firewall - I traced the entire transaction and here is what I found:

The 1st thing the HR20 does is attempts an outgoing connection on UDP port 1701
Source: HR20-700 (IP address of your HR)
Source Ports: Any
Destination: ANY (Any destination ip address)
Destination Ports: 443

Then the HR20 attempts an outgoing connection on TCP port 443.
Source: HR20-700 (IP address of your HR)
Source Ports: 1701
Destination: ANY (Any destination ip address)
Destination Ports: 1701

Finally the DirecTV host(s) on the internet try to make a connection to the HR20 on the STB ports:
Destination NAT Rule:
Source: DirecTV → DirecTV STB Ports → External (WAN) (Your External IP Address) → Destination translation: HR20-700
Source: (You could leave this open to ANY IP address in case DirecTV uses more than one)
Source Ports: (DirecTV servers appear to be sending out the data on random ports so we need to accept the entire range and then translate it)
1024:65536 -> 27161
1024:65536 -> 27162
Destination: External WAN Interface
Destination Translation: HR20-700 (IP address of your HR)

Hope that's not confusing. The Destination NAT rule takes the traffic coming from DirecTV and allows it through the firewall and translates it (NAT) to the internal ip address and correct ports (27161 and 27162) that the HR20 is set up with.

Any help you can provide would be great. Thanks!


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Re: DirecTV Settings
« Reply #1 on: December 13, 2008, 09:26:53 AM »

As for more information about it, the receiver is on the network through the linksys gaming adapter (100% compatible with the DVR) with the IP address of

What settings need to be done to get this working!? ???


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Re: DirecTV Settings
« Reply #2 on: October 20, 2009, 02:04:43 PM »


I came across this doing an on-line search and the info was helpful to setup my DIR-615 router.

Here's what I did:

1) Setup an "Inbound Filter" under advanced settings for IP as "Remote IP Start"/End, saved as "Directv STB Services" (don't forget to save prior to moving along) and went to Advanced/Port Forwarding,

2) Port Forwarding settings: Enter STB TCP port of DVR (ex. 27161), named it DVR location (ex. LR STB port), entered IP as DVRs IP address (, selected my "Inbound Filter" (Directv STB Services) and enabled it, then saved.

What happened? I went to Network Setup/ Network Services and selected "manual" mode and entered 27161 as STB port and 27162 as audio services. Selected connect and it setup successfully with the Congrats message from Directv.

I only had to forward the STB services port to connect successfully and was able to verify TV APPS and VOD downloads successfully, even an HD VOD from History Channel loaded with audio. Best I can tell, this is all that is necessary. But I also wanted to only have the port open when needed so I used the "INBOUND FILTER" as a trigger of sorts to limit access to that IP only, I hope.

I thought I would post my results here since the info posted by the OP helped. Good Luck!


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Re: DirecTV Settings
« Reply #3 on: October 30, 2009, 01:37:36 PM »

On mine, two things fixed this issue. First, DHCP with advanced dns turned off. Second, static IP's with the ACTUAL DNS servers and not the router IP. Either of these solutions allowed the boxes to assign their own ports automatically and required no more configuration from me. For some reason, it seems the boxes are not happy unless they can talk to actual DNS servers....forwarding wouldn't work for me. Good luck.