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Author Topic: 4500 keeps losing connection  (Read 3781 times)


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4500 keeps losing connection
« on: November 08, 2008, 03:23:28 PM »

This has been happening the last couple of days, and moving up to 1.13 did not help.

I will be sitting here working and suddenly I will see the OLED come on, my online go to "offline" and then a few seconds later, I will come back online.

The cable modem, sitting on the same table, is chugging along and is not the root cause.

So I'm at a loss now -- it's doing it a ton today, and I'm not sure why it would start freaking out like this.  For a router that cost this much money, I expect better quality -- I have only had this for a few months.  :(


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Re: 4500 keeps losing connection
« Reply #1 on: November 08, 2008, 04:29:23 PM »

I'm not saying this is the problem, but it's possible that these reboots might be caused by Hack Attacks which mainly come from China.

I've had this happen with my router at times, but thankfully it has not happened all too often. But each time, I was able to check my Router logs to see that it was Hack Attempts which mainly originate in China.  Using DNS Whois, I was able to trace the attack IPs to mostly to China.

You can check to see if this is the case by installing Kiwi Syslog Daemon, then log into your Router and go to Tools > SysLog and check the box, then save.

NowI don't recall the page that I used which had the setup instructions for Kiwi, but once you install the program and you go into the setup, you really don't touch anything at all except a couple of things. Not sure I can help you much here, but looking at my current setup, here is what I have.

Default > Actions > Display
Default > Actions > Log to File

Nothing else in the settings is touched as everything is left at factory defaults.
The Display Key is check, but I don't recall any settings being touched and there is nothing to show there.

On the Log to File Key, This is where the Path SysLog files is set.

Your Router will actively write the router log directly to the SysLog file, so even if the router reboots, you can still view what was there pior to the crash/reboot.

Other than that, there's not much to setting up Kiwi SysLog Daemon.

Kiwi will run in the background as a Service. So next time your router reboots, you can view the log, then you'll probably see a bunch of blocked IP addresses. Check these asses using DNSStuff.com using the IP whois tool (free) and chances are, most of the IP's will be from China.

When this has happened to me, I just pull the power plug on both my router and modem, wait a couple of minutes, then plug them back in to guarantee that I have a completely different IP address to hopefully lose them for awhile.

If you have any spyware or other parasites on your system, then you might just be drawing them to you instead of them just randomly trying to hack you as they do to most people.

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