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Author Topic: DIR-635 Wireless Router Help  (Read 4862 times)


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DIR-635 Wireless Router Help
« on: January 18, 2011, 04:08:59 PM »

Hi Guys,

I have a DIR-635 wireless router.
It has 4 Ethernet ports and 3 wireless antennas which I've changed for range boosting antennas. I use it to connect 3 computers to the internet at home.

It was work fine previously but I began experiencing problems connecting to the internet about 2 days ago. I didn't changed to anything on the router when the problem began.
I've managed to isolate the problem down to being the DIR-635.

What I'm currently experiencing on all 3 computers:
* I can't view any web pages when connected to the DIR-635 (either through wireless or through Ethernet). All web pages time out.
* I can however use chatting programs such as MSN, QQ
* I can view IPTV streaming using particular software (like PPS)
* Special programs which use the internet can access the internet perfectly (e.g. I use a shares viewing program that works fine)
* if I take the DIR-635 out of the picture and connect my desktop directly to my modem the internet operates perfectly fine (can view web pages no problem). Therefore problem is with the DIR-635.

I've tried reducing the MTU however it had not effect.

This is the current setup I have at home.

The DIR-635 is connected to my Speedtouch modem (it has only 1 Ethernet port). Connected to the DIR-635 via Ethernet is my desktop computer. Two other laptops connect via wireless to the DIR-635. They all share the same internet connection.
Simple diagram below.

telephone line ~~~~~~~ modem ----------DIR-635 ---------- Desktop (computer 1)
                              (speedtouch)                 ) ) ) ) ) ) Wireless connect to Laptop 2 and 3

~~~~~~  telephone line
---------   Ethernet cable
) ) ) ) ) )    Wireless connection

The internet settings on the DIR-635
 - PPPoE (User/Pwd)
 - dynamic IP
 - I set my username and password
 - always connect to the internet
 - Other settings default

The wireless settings on the DIR-635
 - named my wireless connection
 - Mixed 802.11n
 - Encryption: WPA-Personal
 - Set password
 - other settings default

All other settings on the DIR-635 were left as default.

Any help resolving this will be much appreciated.



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Re: DIR-635 Wireless Router Help
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2011, 08:34:52 AM »

I would do a reset of the router. You'll have to re-enter in your PPPoE information. I presume you have DSL by the looks of it?
After that I would set up reserved static IP addresses for each device you connect to the router including wireless. Ensure DNS relay is enabled under Setup/Network Settings.

Ensure that the Primary and 2ndary DNS ip addresses are being filled in under the Setup/Internet/Manual. If there not then you can find them at the Status/Device Info/Wan section. Copy and paste them into there boxes respectively.

If you don't use WiFi modes A, B or sometime N, I would set the Wireless mode for G only. Its no use broadcasting modes that your not using.

You can also try and see if changing the Firewall settings to End Point Independent for both TCP and UDP.
If it works, save off the configuration to file for later use should you have to reset the router.

Let us know how it goes.

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