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Author Topic: Email alerts Broken/empty in firmware 1.05. AND Wrong drive formatted...  (Read 3004 times)


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I picked up some new 1TB drives to replace my 500GB drives.  I put one in the left bank (drive 1), Formatted it, and copied everything from Volume_1 to Volume_2.  Everythings good.  I pulled it from the left slot (Drive 1) and put it in the Right slot (drive 0) leaving the left slot empty.  Everything comes up fine.  I think GREAT, that went pretty smooth and then put the second drive into the left slot.  Box boots up fine, and after logging in to the web page it says, Hey, let me format this new drive you just inserted.  I click next,  it appears to format the drive and asks to reboot after the format is complete.  Reboot completes and LEFT drive light is Purple and I get an email stating:
Subject:   Media1 E-Mail Alert
Hello Administrator,

Your DNS-323

I then think, "nice, new drive went bad before I put any data on it."  Then I notice that Volume_1 is blank.  Ie.  ALL data gone (not to worry, I have a backup)  As it turns out, it formatted the RIGHT drive instead of the newly inserted LEFT drive.  Log into the web page, and it tells me that I have an unformatted drive, would you like to format it?....  <sigh>  I grudgingly click yes, and notice the RIGHT drive light is the one flashing, not the new "LEFT" drive.  It formatted the RIGHT drive AGAIN.  After reboot, I get yet another Empty email (same as above) and the left drive light is Purple.  HOW TO FIX, I think to myself.  AHA!  put the Right drive back into the left slot.  Old new drive in Left slot, New (still unformatted) drive in right slot.  Boots up and RIGHT light is purple, Volume_1 is available but blank (It's been formatted several times now), Get another BLANK email (as seen above).  I log into the web page which prompts to format, I click yes, and right drive light starts flashing all sorts of pretty colors.  Blue, Purple, Yellow.  (Quite a show really.)  After it's done, it reboots.  Everything is peachy and I have two blank volumes. 

Morals of the story: 
2) Email Notification is not working correctly (the word BROKEN comes to mind)
3) The drive format routine must be reading the drive info off the formatted hard drive rather than from the SATA controller(s).  (easy to deduct this from the fact that the format worked correctly after putting the drive back in the other side)
4) MAKE SURE YOU HAVE BACKUPS (sure am glad I do)



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Re: Email alerts Broken/empty in firmware 1.05. AND Wrong drive formatted...
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2008, 06:04:50 PM »

Oh hell, I can't even format any of my two 500GB drives. They're brand new Western Digtals (model: WD5000AAKS). Attempting to format them seperately, RAID1, or RAID0 always stops at 94%

And yes, at random I will see one of the LEDs turn a pinkish-purple color.

And no, D-Link doesn't have a bloody clue as to what causes the 94% issue. Yet, a simple google search will show I'm not alone. So what am I to do? Cross my fingers and pray to the gods that the next firmware revision fixes the problem. Until then, my drives are on a shelf collecting dust (literally)  :'(


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Re: Email alerts Broken/empty in firmware 1.05. AND Wrong drive formatted...
« Reply #2 on: September 12, 2008, 01:51:18 PM »

I had the same formatting issue and did the following:

1) Flash 1.04 firmware
2) format the drives as individual drives - no RAID
3) Then formated the drives as RAID 1
4) copying data back at this time.

Both formats went correctly and it did not hang at 94%

I'm stayting with 1.04 until 1.06 proves stable.