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Author Topic: DGS-2208 Does Not Acknowlege Uplink to Network 30+Feet Away  (Read 2675 times)


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DGS-2208 Does Not Acknowlege Uplink to Network 30+Feet Away
« on: November 29, 2010, 02:37:20 PM »

Last Wednesday, I went to replace a DGS-2205 (which works perfectly, but I just needed more ports) and I noticed something VERY ODD... the darn thing would not acknowledge the line up-linking it to the rest of the network!  The server is only just over 30 feet of cable away and, as I said, the DGS-2205 functioned perfectly, but the LED never even came on for any port to which I connected the network when I plugged it in (so I know that refreshing the DNS was not an issue)!

Upon close inspection, I noted that the DGS-2205 had come with a power supply of 5V at 1.2A when I got it about a week earlier.  However, the DGS-2208 only had a supply of 7V (O.K., but wouldn't 7.5 be a better target?) at only 1A (note:  this is even lower that the DGS-2205!).

Once I piggy-backed the DGS-2208 onto the DGS-2205 I got the desired results and everything worked well.... Anyone else scratching their head about the fact that my DGS-2208 doesn't seem to have enough umphf to get the signal across?  Further research with a regular supplier from which I buy shows the DGS-2208 coming with a 2A supply!  I think my unit may have been packaged with an underpowered supply.

Anyone have any thoughts so that I can at least free up the DGS-2205 for another location on the network?