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Author Topic: DIR-665 Wireless connection drop outs  (Read 13086 times)


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DIR-665 Wireless connection drop outs
« on: October 26, 2010, 11:30:14 PM »

1st of all, I noticed that there is not a topic for the DIR-665, which is unfortunate. . . so I'm posting here. . .


Previously I had a DIR-655, and some how it died on me. . . figured this out by going through tech - support.
They suggested an RMA, but unfortunately I no longer had the receipt etc. . .so on to the newer DIR-665.

I have a Cisco 2000 Cable Modem that I got for Time Warner Cable Internet connection.

My main PC/Server, and a few other devices are connected via ethernet cable (i.e. wired), Cat6 to this router.  Everything that has a direct wired connection does not seem to have a problem.

However, all my devices with wireless connections seem to experience drops.
This includes 2-3 laptops, a printer, and a couple of cell phones and IPods, and a DIR-1522 Bridge / Access Point (which runs in Bride Mode).

One of these laptops does support wireless N.

I never had this issue previously when my DIR-655 was brand new. . .so I can't really think its an interference issue.

Another thing that I noticed on the one laptop that supports 801n, is that often times it would drop the signal, and then re-connect, but when it would re-connect it Windows (XP) would say its running in "unsecured" mode, which is of course ludicrous b/c the network is secured via WPA2.  And of course even-though it would regain this "unsecured" connection, if I open a browser. . .I get nothing. . not even anything on the subnet.

Most of the devices in the house only do 801g, not N.  So my 1st thought
was to force 2.4Ghz rather than 5Ghz, and only use 801g.  That seemed to work for a while, and make it a bit better/stable, but alas the issue keeps returning.  I have multi-cast streams enabled as well (which I don't even know if this works over 801g).

I don't even know where to go from there other than calling tech support.
There is not new firmware for me to upgrade too. . . and I'm not sure what I should be checking
for in the logs, or what I can do to debug the problem. . .

Please help. . .


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Re: DIR-665 Wireless connection drop outs
« Reply #1 on: October 27, 2010, 01:39:52 AM »

Also I should note, I see ALOT of these messages in the logs, not sure if its relevant or not. . .(note that I scrubbed the mac address, but they were all the same, for the few entries below. . . this same pattern appears for many of the mac addresses on my local network

Oct 27 02:36:27    wdev0ap0: STA [MAC ADDRESS] IEEE 802.11: associated
Oct 27 02:36:27    wdev0ap0: STA [MAC ADDRESS] IEEE 802.11: deassociated
Oct 27 02:36:26    wdev0ap0: STA [MAC ADDRESS] IEEE 802.11: deassociated
Oct 27 02:36:26    wdev0ap0: STA [MAC ADDRESS] IEEE 802.11: deauthenticated due to local deauth request
Oct 27 02:36:24    wdev0ap0: STA [MAC ADDRESS] IEEE 802.11: associated