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Author Topic: Need Help with DI-624 Wireless Router  (Read 2944 times)

Bill Tillman

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Need Help with DI-624 Wireless Router
« on: July 21, 2010, 10:57:25 AM »

I have an old DI-624 wireless router. Yes it's a very old model but I've updated the firmware and it works great. The router is setup inside my LAN firewall, that is it does not connect directly to the Cable modem from my ISP.

The WAN side of the router gets it's dhcp information from my main dhcp server on segment The LAN side of the router is setup for segment and it serves out IP addresses to my wireless clients and and computers which plug into the router via CAT5 cable.

I can access the segment from the clients but I cannot access the clients from the segment. This is not actually my problem but as you can see I haven't found a way to add a route to the router to tell the clients where to look for the clients.

I have now added mediatomb to the main server on the segment and it streams media to my wireless PS3 player so I can watch movies on the big HDTV in the living room. Works great but only if the mediatomb server and the PS3 are on the same segment. I was hoping to find a way to add a route to the DI-624 router to tell the segment where to find or maybe just do port forwarding. So far all the attempts to port forward have not woked.

Can annyone offer advice on how to set up a route on the DI-624 ?