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Author Topic: DIR-655 + Synology DS-207+ How to enable Jumbo Frame support?  (Read 12608 times)


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Good Morning,
I've bought the fantastic DIR-655 router, but I've a problem with the Jumbo Frame support...
I've a "home" LAN configured as above:
1) Optical Fiber Modem (Fastweb HAG)
2) DIR-655 (firmware 1.11) connected through ethernet to WLAN port) (Fastweb HAG)
3) NAS Synology DS-207+ connected through ethernet cable to port 1 of DIR-655
4) PC with Gigabit LAN port connected through ethernet to port 2 of DIR-655.
5) other two PC connected with a simple 10/100Mbps through ethernet to port 3 & 4 of DIR-655
6) PDA HTC TyTN connected in WiFi to DIR-655
7) Fonera configured as Access Point (for Xbox 360) connected through WiFI to DIR-655

I've two problem:
1. My PC with Gigabit port is connected to Dir-655 with 1000Mbps (Vista Home Basic report 1.0 Gbps), The Sinology has the Jumbo Frame (9000 MTU) enabled and connected with a Gigabit port, but i don't upload and download the files to Synology with a Gigabit speed! The Download/Upload speed is about 8-9Mbps, the same velocity of my previous Router Linksys WRT54GS (only support 10/100 Ethernet connections). I've tried also to set a MTU value about 9000 but the DIR-655 not support more than 1500!!!
So, how i can enable the Jumbo Frame in my DIR-655? In the official specification the DIR-655 support the Jumbo Frame feature, but how to enable it???
The second (minor) problem is to Fonera that isn't able to connect to internet, but result connected to DIR-655 with 802,11g but with a a rate of only ONE Mbps!?
Sorry but the Jumbo Frame is VERY important for me! I've bought this router only for a very very fast download/upload from my PC to NAS Synology thanks to Gigalan (and Jumbo Frame) support.
Thanks a lot for all your time and support!
Sorry for my poor American/English :-[ (I'm Italian :D)
Best Regards
Andrea Armeni


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Re: DIR-655 + Synology DS-207+ How to enable Jumbo Frame support?
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2008, 12:22:17 AM »

same problem I have (synology 207).How  to enable jumbo frames od this excelent router???


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Re: DIR-655 + Synology DS-207+ How to enable Jumbo Frame support?
« Reply #2 on: July 13, 2008, 04:20:17 AM »

The Jumbo packet is set by the NIC driver of your PC and by the Synology device. The 655 does not have anything to do with this setting.
It might be that the switch part of the 655 cannot do 100Mbit on one LAN port and 1000 Mbit on the other (not sure, but makes sense), causing all the ports to go 100 Mbit if a 100 Mbit device is connected.
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