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Author Topic: SharePort 3.0 Help  (Read 25546 times)


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SharePort 3.0 Help
« on: May 24, 2010, 02:38:37 PM »

SharePort 3.0 Information and Troubleshooting

About SharePort

SharePort is software that works with D-Link SharePort enabled devices allowing you to connect to USB devices across the network.

The way it works is that the software emulates a USB connection on the computer, and makes the USB device (such as a printer or a disk drive) connected to the Shareport enabled device look as if it were directly connected. This makes it easy to connect and share USB devices on the network.

We encourage users to look at the documentation in the Help file by clicking on the '?' (question mark) within the SharePort utility to find out about all of the features, and it also includes configuration and troubleshooting tips.

Installing SharePort

If you are having difficulties installing SharePort, please make sure you have uninstalled any old versions, and make sure you have one of the supported operating systems (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 32/64 bit, Mac OS 10.5 or 10.6).

Also check the HELP documentation of SharePort for any issues you may be having with firewall, Antivirus, or other issues.

With Windows Firewall, the software installation wizard can make an exception automatically.

With other 3rd party firewalls, the firewall is usually opened automatically the first time you use SharePort and you click YES to the prompt to open the connection, however sometimes manual exceptions need to be added.

To add the SharePort utility a firewall exception, make sure to add both the SharePort executable file, as well as the following network ports:

TCP IN 19540
TCP OUT 19540
UDP IN 19540
UDP OUT 19540

Ensure direct USB connection work properly before using SharePort

If you are having any difficulties, please make sure your USB device works when connected directly with a USB cable to your computer before trying to use SharePort. If the device doesn't work directly over USB, it won't work when directly connected.

SharePort allows one person to connect to a USB device at a time, and is designed to work the same way a direct USB connection works. When one user connects to a device with SharePort, it is as if the user is plugging it directly to their computer with a USB port. When the user disconnects, it is just like unplugging the USB connection. SharePort has some features you may want to read about which allow users to share USB devices easier.

Using Printers with SharePort

D-Link printers have a "Printer Autoconnect" feature allowing multiple users to share a printer, much like a print server, without the need to manually connect or disconnect. If you are having difficulties sharing a USB Printer with SharePort among multiple users on a network, you will want to make sure that the "Printer Autoconnect" feature is working properly. To configure this feature, please read the HELP documentation in SharePort by clicking on the '?' and click on 'How to Use a Printer' within the Help.

When the printer is not being used, it will show as 'Offline' on your computer (similar to having your USB cable disconnected). Don't worry, your printer is available, it's just not "connected". Once configured for Printer Autoconnect, when you Print, the SharePort Printer Autoconnect feature will automatically connect, then the job will print, then it will disconnect freeing the printer up for the next user.

If you are having difficulty with a printer, try making sure it prints when directly connected to your computer with the USB cable. Then make sure you have printer autoconnect set up correctly. You can do this by right-clicking on the printer in SharePort, going to 'Properties', then the 'Optional Settings' tab, then make sure there is a green checkmark and it says "Auto Printer Connect can be used". You can click on "Confirm" just to be certain and select the installed printer driver. If you are having difficulties with SharePort disconnecting before the printing is complete, it is because some printers try to hang on to the connection longer. You can increase the 'time before disconnecting after print job is sent'.

Using USB Scanners (including scanner function of MFPs) and USB Disk Drives with SharePort

USB Devices like scanners and Disk Drives or Flash Drives work the same way they do when directly connected to the computer. Remember, the speed may not be quite as fast as when you have a direct USB connection since the network speed is often not the same speed as a direct USB connection.

If you want multiple users to be able to connect to a USB disk drive, USB scanner, or other device besides a printer (one connection at a time as stated earlier), you will want to make sure the selection to "Automatically Connect this device when it is available" is not checked. If one of the computers is set up with this option on a device, it will make it difficult for others to connect.

Difficulties connecting to the USB Device or staying connected to a device with Shareport

SharePort depends on the network (or wireless network) connection to stay connected. If you don't have a good network connection to the SharePort enabled device, you may have difficulty using SharePort successfully.

If you are using SharePort with a wireless connection, and having difficulties maintaining a strong connection to your network, try moving your computer, making sure the antennas have a solid connection if you are using a router, and making sure your computer is not near metal surfaces or other radio frequency devices.

If you are having difficulties with SharePort after checking the information above, as well as the troubleshooting tips in the Help found by clicking on the '?' (question mark) within the SharePort utility, please try to provide as much information as possible to help determine what may be the cause of the issue including:
D-Link SharePort enabled Product Model:

D-Link Product FW Version:

Operating System being used (Windows XP?, Vista?, Win 7 32 or 64 bit, Mac OS 10.5 or 10.6, etc) including any Service Packs or 32/64 bit information:

SharePort Version:

USB Product (Printer, Disk Drive, or other device) Model and Driver Version:

Describe the issue:

Describe the steps to reproduce the issue:

Post the above information in the following link: