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Author Topic: Bugs & Issues - Using Latest Beta Firmware  (Read 2207 times)


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Bugs & Issues - Using Latest Beta Firmware
« on: May 02, 2010, 11:32:05 AM »

I'm having a couple of issues with the latest beta firmware, I don't believe my xbox issue happend on a previous firmware, anyway here's a list of a few things Im seeing.


- This is a really strange problem when not using dhcp reservation.
- Router in pure default mode.
- xbox one and xbox 2 get assigned IP's as normal.
- I reboot my router without changing any settings, IP is giving to first xbox, 2nd xbox is no longer given an IP and cannot get on the internet or connect to xbox live.
- Happens with the same xbox all the time, doesn't matter how many times I revert to factory default.
- Xbox 360 Elite model being used as the 2nd xbox.

- When adding a dhcp reservation after first time factory default, 2nd xbox now always works even after a router reboot.
- The only way to get the 2nd xbox to work after a router reboot is to force IP with a dhcp reservation.


- My advertised speed is 15mb down and 2mb up, I use cable, New York, Long Island.
- I take random speed tests whenever I think something is wrong, and one time I was getting 3 mb download, upload remained uneffected.
- Speed tests when getting this type of slow speeds are sporadic, can measure 10 then 5 and then 3, the meter is all over the place, I've seen this on multipal speed test sites.

- I reset my router to default or just reboot device and speeds now read normal, 15 mb or so down and good upload.
- I thought settings effected this result, thats why I kept forcing factory defaults, but this isn't the case, the router just needs a router reboot and line stability clears up.

Thats the speed/line consistency problem Im having with the latest beta firmware update, and this is all speculation, but it does look as though it can relate to the random reboots every now and then.  The connectivity problems and these sporadic speed issues are one and the same I think, but I could be completely way off.


- 4100, 4500, or 855, it doesn't matter for me, my bandwidth never seems to measure correctly or even at all.
- An example, playing an online game on xbox and it reads - SEND 1, RECIEVE 0, and stays that way indefinately.
- Thats pretty much it, it just fails to properly record bandwidth, coming in and out.

I would also like an option to keep the LED display turned on, so I can directly see whats happening to my bandwidth when it does work.  Like LED display timer - 15, 30, unlimited.

These are the 3 basic issues that Im having with the latest beta firmware update.  Some of these problems with no doubt apply to the 4100 and the 4500 because the software is the same, but I see some of this could just be hardware related issues.  

I created this thread for feedback, and to see if others have any advise.

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Re: Bugs & Issues - Using Latest Beta Firmware
« Reply #1 on: May 03, 2010, 08:32:40 AM »

I was using a 2nd router, the 4500 as a bridge, I have removed this router and now Im no longer having the IP issue with the 2nd xbox.
Both xboxes were plugged into the first router anyway, the 855 so Im not sure why the 2nd router was destoying my 2nd xbox's IP?

If anyone has any info on why using a 2nd router as a bridge could interfer with IP's, please let me know.