• March 01, 2021, 03:24:31 PM
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Author Topic: Upgrading to 1.31 firmware cripples 3g modem performance by 90 % !!!!  (Read 2489 times)


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Hi There,

I got this router for its 3g usb modem connection abilities.

With 1.21 firmware it can connect using e220 huwaei modem. With speedtest.net I average around 1 to 1.5 mbits speeds.

However - there are "known problems" I have with firmware 1.21.
Inability to connect to certain websites with network timeout issues. Having changed the mtu settings to lower ones some websites will connect but this is hit and miss. For example, it is impossible to sign in to my ebay account, can't download drivers from nvidia site etc, etc. etc

Also firmware 1.21 has issues with correctly applying settings  - once it gets in a "confused state", wireless re-connects, snail pace wireless, etc.

The only way to salvage this "botched" equipment is re-flash with firmware. Turn off the power for at least 20mins+. Then hardware reset -> followed by manual applying settings one by one. Rebooting after each one if necessary.

Firmware 1.31 seems to have fixed the connection timeout issues with 3g modem. However, the 3g modem connection speeds are now crippled by at least 80 - 90%. speedtest.net gives me dl speeds of 200 ~ 300kbs.
Also dns relay issues, also "confused state" syndrome.

This is truely astonishing !!!   I manage now to get an average of 5kbs when trying download files from the Internet  :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

Who is writing this firmware ?? I please request DLINK to open up their firmware so people who can actually write code can make this product less of a joke. Two years of firmware development and you are still in this state.

I think in 1.33na firmware - 3g modem ability is removed completely. Way to go about solving a problem - just remove it altogether  ??? ???

As 3g connection was one of the main reasons I bought this router, I feel completely let down my DLINK - who I thought were a reputable company.

Anyway - this is my very costly two cents worth ! And I just want to warn people about this shameful product.