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Author Topic: network topology options  (Read 2135 times)


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network topology options
« on: April 01, 2010, 12:55:34 PM »

Net work Topology question.

I have a network of approximately 100 devices, 40 or so Ethernet connections at a central location, the rest are on downstream hubs and switches.  (Most connections are at 100M, some are still at 10M).  I recently installed 2 of your DGS-1224T smart switches at the central location and I am very happy with how they are working.  They are joined with a short patch cable between  two of their normal ports running at 1000M.  There are two focuses of activity: the Corporate Application Server and the Internet connection.  (All E-mail is handled externally via the internet connection).

My question is whether it is better to:

A Put both the Application Server and Internet along with any other high activity connections on Switch-1 and leave only low volume single computers here and there on Switch-2.  This would minimize the traffic between the two switches, but put the bulk of the load on a single switch.      Or

B Put the Application Server and connections that tend to use it on switch-1 and put the Internet and connections that tend to use it on switch-2.  This would balance the load between the two switches but would put considerable traffic on the link between the two switches.  (All the PCs that use the Internet also use the Application Server, however the Application Server is character oriented and tends to have interactive but smaller non-graphical responses.

I know its difficult to make a generalization.  I also know each switch can handle a tremendous amount of throughput.  I also know the connection between the switches can handle a lot of throughput.  I am looking for a touch of guidance based on real-world experience.

Thank you for your insight.