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Author Topic: DXS-3350SR problem with 802.1x  (Read 4730 times)

Lars Erik

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DXS-3350SR problem with 802.1x
« on: February 02, 2010, 07:23:11 AM »

Hi all,

We have a DXS-3350SR as our core switch. It has served us well until Windows XP SP3 came around. If a machine with Windows XP Pro (32 or 64bit) with IEEE 802.1x authentication enabled on the network interface is booted or a user login via remote desktop. The CPU load of our DXS-3350SR goes to 100% and it stops forwarding traffic and all link led's blinks simultaneously. We have upgraded to latest fw. with no luck. I think this is a configuration problem so I have attached the 802.1x part from our configuration.

The basic setup of our network is:
            5x3024 (With 4x 1Gbit/s trunks)
             |    |
    Servers and users


# 8021X
disable 802.1x
config 802.1x auth_mode port_based
config 802.1x auth_protocol radius_eap
config 802.1x capability ports 1:1-1:50 none
config 802.1x auth_parameter ports 1:1-1:50 direction both port_control auto quiet_period 60 tx_period 30 supp_timeout 30 server_timeout 30 max_req 2 reauth_period 3600 enable_reauth disable

config traffic control 1:1-1:50 broadcast disable multicast disable dlf disable threshold 128

config link_aggregation algorithm ip_source
create link_aggregation group_id 1
config link_aggregation group_id 1 master_port 1:1 ports 1:1-1:4 state enable
create link_aggregation group_id 2
config link_aggregation group_id 2 master_port 1:5 ports 1:5-1:8 state enable
create link_aggregation group_id 3
config link_aggregation group_id 3 master_port 1:9 ports 1:9-1:12 state enable
create link_aggregation group_id 4
config link_aggregation group_id 4 master_port 1:13 ports 1:13-1:16 state enable
create link_aggregation group_id 5
config link_aggregation group_id 5 master_port 1:17 ports 1:17-1:20 state enable
create link_aggregation group_id 6
config link_aggregation group_id 6 master_port 1:21 ports 1:21-1:24 state enable
create link_aggregation group_id 7
config link_aggregation group_id 7 master_port 1:25 ports 1:25-1:28 state enable
create link_aggregation group_id 9 type lacp
config link_aggregation group_id 9 master_port 1:43 ports 1:43-1:45 state enable
config lacp_port 1:1-1:50 mode passive