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Author Topic: DWL-2700ap revB problems  (Read 2878 times)


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DWL-2700ap revB problems
« on: January 30, 2010, 06:11:54 PM »

Sorry this is in the wrong forum - but there is no "general" forum and there is no forum for any of the DWL products that I could see. Please move it to the appropriate place.

I have a DWL-2700ap revB that was acting funny from the get-go. After it just plain stopped connecting to the network I took it offline for a month or two. I just saw and upgraded to the latest 3.20 firmware.

Now the device will allow connections to it, and even let computers connected out onto the internet. But I cant log into it to administrate it. I looked on my routers connected devices list (WRT54 GL running Tomato 1.27) and it simply isnt there. I connect to the dlink wifi connection (yes I'm sure it is the DWL-2700ap) and bam im on the internet. Going to the network configuration/properties I see a gateway ip of (my linksys routers IP)

I tried the default IP of - no go. How is it possible that the DWL-2700 can connect to my network but be invisible?

Disconnecting the DWL from the ethernet network stops it from handing out connections. Sure windows 7 says it is "connected" "with limited connectivity" but the IP is a 169.xx one. I've tried plugging in to the data in port on the POE switch and manually assigning an IP to my laptop but no go.

The DWL should have a DHCP server right? What do you do if it is disabled as it appears to be?


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Re: DWL-2700ap revB problems
« Reply #1 on: May 26, 2010, 09:37:15 AM »

DHCP is not on by default you would have to assign your network card an IP in the same range (ex: and then you should be able to access it no problem.  You can then enable DHCP if you want but if connected o a router who already have DHCP activated then it is not necessary