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Author Topic: Redundancy between 2 x DGS-1224T & 2 x DGS-1248T Switches  (Read 3346 times)


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Redundancy between 2 x DGS-1224T & 2 x DGS-1248T Switches
« on: January 07, 2010, 06:34:18 AM »

Hi Everyone !
We have some D-Link equipment @ the office, I was in charged to set a redundant network with several VLans on our equipment. The missing HW will be purchased if necessary.  Here is what we got and what I need to do (not sure how, need some recommendation from some one who is familiar with the equipment and its capabilities :) !!! )

Actual HW is:

2 x DGS-1224T
2 x DGS-1248T (for now it's only one, but next week we are getting the 2nd one)
1 x RV016 (Linksys VPN Router)
1 D-Link DSL Modem (dsl-524, 1 independent ips connection)
4 motorola cable modems (4 independent ips connections)
1 Mickey Mouse equipment with incoming 10Mbps Fiber connection / several 1GB RJ45 outgoing ports (not sure about the brand, 1 independent ips connection)

What we need to do is:
Fully redundant network on several VLans (4 VLans for a start). Not sure if I'll need 2 different Routers (with multiple WAN connection support) for this to comply with the requested task. The idea is to have 2 Switches for the end user usage and 2 switches for maintenance processes and back up in case of failure of the production switches. Configured with 4 Vlans each one with double path from from the router "1" for performance and one path from router 1 from router "2" for fail over purpose. Also on the Router end the idea is to connect 2 or more WANs (from IPSs) and I am not sure if I can simulate a router feature with some of the  switches by connecting my WANs directly. But the idea is to avoid every possible brake point. 1 modem fails, the 2nd one must continue the productivity, 1 router / switch fails (2 or more WANs are automaticaly lost) the 2nd router / switch must continue providing the connection to the Switch where the end users are connected (for all the VLans on the same device)

Any idea on how is gonna be the best way to implement these products :) ???

Thanks to anyone who is whiling to assist in advance,



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Re: Redundancy between 2 x DGS-1224T & 2 x DGS-1248T Switches
« Reply #1 on: January 07, 2010, 08:37:51 AM »

In the future create a single thread please, I am going to leave a link between the threads here and lock this thread.  PM me if you have any problems with this arrangement.

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