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Firmware Version Meaning: WW, NA, EA, EU


What do the tags mean behing the firmware, I'm thinking like:

WW = WorldWide
NA = North America
EU = Europe
EA = ???

And do they only differ in included languages? Or also in frequencies available for the Wifi bands?

EA = East Asia

In most cases they use different builds of the same firmware but the rest is the same.

Exception are the DIR firmwares NA from 1.20 (1.30 DIR-655) which run with a newer version of the sdk and sharepoint.
Here is also 3G function disabled (invisible).

Another minor difference: most WW firmware has Dual WAN option for Russia. (not 2 WAN ports but two different connection types at the same time)

NA DIR firmware has advanced DNS function

As far as I know there no newer device anymore which changes frequencies with the firmware.

Thanks for clearing that up... I was thinking it would mean East Africa... but Asia makes far more sense!

what about ME

ME is Middle East region  which is found here:

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