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Author Topic: Can't ping 1522 devices if computer is connected to 655 thru wireless.  (Read 2304 times)


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Hello, Here is my problem.

My 1522 and 655 have latest firmware. 655 has the oldest hardware rev A1. I bought 1522 a year ago. Don't recall the hardware rev.

1522 as a bridge is connected to a printer and window home server.
655 as a router which is connected to internet, desktop thru ethernet cable and connected to 1522 thru wireless.
2 laptops which run window 7 and Window XP tablet version are connected to 655 thru wireless

The desktop running window XP has no problem to ping/connect to anything which connected to 1522.
However, the 2 laptops cannot ping anything which connected to 1522 (no response). It seems to me the packets are not allowed to send from 655 to 1522 if the device is connected to 655 thru wireless for some reasons. However, it allows the packets to send from 655 to 1522 if the device is connected to 655 thru "ethernet cable".

When I connect my laptop to 655 thru ethernet cable, I can ping the the devices connected to 1522 without any issue.

Is it anything I can fix the problem or is this a firmware/hardware design issues.

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