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Author Topic: Freeze up and fans goes wild.. upgrade got it worse  (Read 18188 times)


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Re: Freeze up and fans goes wild.. upgrade got it worse
« Reply #30 on: April 25, 2010, 01:26:08 PM »

I have had my DNS-343 for a little over a year.  It has supported every request technically that I have made of it.  That is until I upgraded one of my 2 home computers to Windows 7.  This should have nothing to do with the DNS-343 suddenly going to high speed fan and the loss of the network connectivity for the device, but that is what happened.

The firmware version on the device is 1.03, it has 4 hard drives of varying sizes, 1 - 1TB Wester Digital, 1 - 500 MB Wester Digitital and 2 - 2TB Seagates.  All these drives had been working in perfect harmony until the event listed above.

I began to work with the device and to try transferring files of various sizes from outside the device as well as between drives inside the device to determine if there was anything that could be discovered that was consistent.  All to no avail.  But one thing I did begin to do was reinstall the firmware.  At first I got the same result of going to the fans high speed.  One time I received @@@@@@@@@@@ along the bottom row on the LCD after a re-installation of the firmware.  That was cleared up by rebooting the device a couple of times, but the same issue of the getting the high speed fan result appreared again.  Then I reinstalled the firmware again (this was the 5th time since the problem began), which was 6 weeks ago, and then everything began to operate normally which included transferring mass amounts of data of up 39 GB in size without issue.  All I can glean from this is that you need to persistent, and continue to work with the device, and continue working with 1.03 firmware.
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