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Author Topic: Photo Various Issues (Resize/Transcode, Categorize, Slideshow)  (Read 2784 times)


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Photo Various Issues (Resize/Transcode, Categorize, Slideshow)
« on: December 23, 2007, 05:50:28 AM »

As in my other posts in order to see a list of any photos I have to navigate them by pressing the server button on the remote instead of pressing photo on the remote. Aside from this being a major annoyance I notice that when I do have the unit playing back jpgs that the scaling is awefull on my 46" widescreen. Not to mentioned that even when you set the slideshow to 3 seconds it still takes 10 seconds to goto the next photo. The other is that how do you add the information to categorize the photos into album etc?

One thing I was thinking about was to separate all my photos and have to resize them but that kinda defeats the point and cause a tremendous amount of work. Since I am using the media server on the DNS-323 I wonder if a firmware update could handle better transcoding of the photos? It is my understanding that the media player doesn't do any transcoding itself and is what separates itself from the DSM-520 (aside from being new and having better codec support). If someone wold verify this because if it is not the fault of the mediaplayer then it just might be an issue to post on the DNS-323 forum.