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So any help on ERB 2310 router connection issues? (RESOLVED)

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i just got this router and my internet is dropping almost every time i use the net, but the odd thing is the game i play doesnt drop nor doe vent, only when browsing does it drop noticeably.

also when i tried to install the software from the CD it gave me a error 103 ( i think 103 cant 100% remember)
has anyone found a fix for this yet?

Same exact problem here - it's only internet browsing that drops constantly - all other connections are constant.

I went around and around with support via e-mail with no luck. They in turn gave me the old "you really should call support" line when the standard suggestions didn't fix it. Still haven't tried that.

I've looked around on the net a bit, and the problem seems quite common with this router. The only "fix" for the problem I've heard of so far is to buy a different router.

I cannot seem to be able to create a new post so I will try to hijack this one :-(  Maybe it is a time delay issue where I cannot create a post until X.

I have a customer that is running over 300 DL-604 routers in an Apartment building.  We have Cisco routers on the backbone and every unit gets 2 Cable runs into their unit.  One for a Cisco phone and one for Data.  Every unit was supplies a DL-604 router.  Aside from the fact that they will not release and renew if the Ethernet port goes down and backup (you must reboot them) It seems there is a strange issues. 

We configured 'Port-Security' on the Cisco side.  We limited 1 MAC Address on the port and set it to 'sticky port'.  This will basically remember the MAC address that was plugged in and if the Cisco port see any more MAC addresses, it will shut down.  The problem was with people eating the customer's public DHCP block by Apple TV's. Boxee etc.

The problem I see is that the "router' bleeds the internal MAC address through the WAN side.  That is, I see the unit's internal MAC address (iPhone, iPads, Roku, Boxee etc) on the Cisco switch side.  Thus shutting the port down. 

Does anyone know o***ood site or a D-Link guru that can point me in the right direction?  It is not will ALL of the DL-604's and we are going to do the obvious firmware comparison of a "good" one to a "bad" one.  But have not been on site yet.



Hello, same problem as above.

I called my internet service provider, as I thought that was the problem!

They told me that I need to connect my computer to the modem directly and see if the problem persists!

SO now I know my router is the issue. I have the EBR-2310 newest firmware etc... and I have the same problems as everyone on this thread.

I get onto google ok. but its more facebook, and other websites that have majour issues with the loading. It loads like a box, an ad, and stops. says name could not be resolved. timed out, i opened up the command prompt and typed ping -n 100 and the average loss is about 50-60%. thats not good at all even for a home router. After owning this router for 3 years this was the first time i've had problems.

Any advice on how to resolve this problem so i don't have to buy another router. I just don't have the cash...

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