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I hope you intend for the video to be publicly viewable, but as far as I can tell there is no way to secure the live video feed with the camera.

See my related thread that has not received a response. I have also not received any response from my phone calls to support.

Luckily, I don't have a problem with security, since the camera and page are on an internal network and nobody outside the firewall has access to the device.  Right now our page has the jpg file refreshing every few seconds, but we'd like to have the live feed instead of still images.  Again, we can get the live video to work, but the size is still controlled by the camera.  We've tried moving xplug.class to our server and directing it to look there, but xplug.class calls other files from the camera (I think) and we can't seem to locate them.

As far as I can tell, the video stream only has three resolution options:

Resolution - 3 settings are available.
1.QQVGA @ 160x120 - Usually used for display on handheld devices.
2.QVGA @ 320x240 - Standard resolution for mobile phones, and PDAs
3.VGA @ 640x480 - Standard resolution for computer display.

You can choose one of these three by going to http://MYCAMERA/Video.htm or choosing the Video link on the Setup page.

This does not seem to be customizable any further.

You might try using the underlying MJPEG stream instead of the java class. You can view the stream by going to http://MYCAMERA/mjpeg.cgi
This works in Chrome, but not IE.

Here are some related links with information:

You can also just Google "mjpeg viewer" or "mjpeg applet" to get some more ideas.

If you are using Chrome, you can display your video simply by showing the MJPEG.CGI stream as a video.
      <img src="http://MYCAMERA/mjpeg.cgi" width=1200>

This only works on HTML5 browsers, such as Chrome, and possibly only Chrome Beta or Developer.

good luck.


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