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Author Topic: Illegal Characters  (Read 2055 times)


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Illegal Characters
« on: October 01, 2009, 09:04:00 AM »

I don't recall having seen this problem (or solution) discussed elsewhere, so here it is.

I'm not a Linux user so I don't know all the ins and outs of file copying in the DNS343.

A lot of people, including myself, have complained about copy failure (NAS to NAS). I have even reported earlier that the problem was intermittent.

I just noticed that copying constantly failed when the name of a folder contained the single quote character. It would copy the folder but fail to copy sub-folders. Removing the character yielded a successful copy every single time.

I am very happy to help D-Link make a better product for all of us. But I'm very concerned that I am finding (as are others) so many little things that lead to big problems. Good thing you're not in the heart pacer market! And it takes seemingly forever to get a problem fixed.

Someone took offence to an earlier post where I complained about the box re-formatting an already-formatted drive while adding a new one. We all have our reason for buying this particular product. Face it, we all buy it for (safe) storage. So as a minimum, I would expect the product to have working tools to properly copy onto it, and certainly to be properly configured without fearing losing everything. The solution at D-Link is to "back up your files first" which just burns me. So in fact, I should be buying a more reliable product to back up my files onto, because I'm not going to buy another D-Link box until the problems are fixed.

I have owned 3 wireless routers and cards made by D-Link. Aside from very minor hiccups, I have had nothing but praise for these products, which is why I went to D-Link for the file server. Why the difference in quality? I know this is more complicated than a router, and I understand why D-Link wants to use an open-source operating system. But when I buy a product, I expect it to work. And not only that, I would like to be told beforehand the issues on that product. This one (and I suspect many others) seem to be in the beta phase indefinitely!

Anyway, my only hope is that D-Link will listen to customers' reports and requests and come up with solutions a little quicker. My having to go to a beta "use-at-your-own-risk" version that address "some" issues is less than ideal. In the best of worlds, a beta version has the potential of digging up old bugs and is not stable until several iterations later.

Two major issues are killing me. The date/time stamp is not preserved when I copy using the download feature. The other is having to now rename files and folders to make the thing work. And I'm not even using the full potential of the box yet!!!

All I can ask is for D-Link to address these issues before my time is up. I'm not getting any younger!




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Re: Illegal Characters
« Reply #1 on: October 28, 2009, 12:39:42 PM »

I am having a similar problem with having a space in the folder name of a network shared folder that I want to Download.  I have had to rename all of my associated folders since upgrading to Firmware 1.03.  I did not realize that this was a Linux issue.  I don't understand why I didn't have a problem with 1.02 as that is when I originally set up all of the network folder to have a scheduled download.

Also when pressing the Local button the application all I can see is the DNS-343 and nothing else.  Are you aware if this is a problem with 1.03 as well.