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i have research this problem for weeks

I NEED to have 2 vlans on the one switch use one port to uplink to a layer 3 DGS-3324

I have a fibre uplink to each Des-1252 i need to setup vlans for each room in are building as the room span multiple switches i know i need tagged ports


Switch 1 Vlan A (1-16)  Vlan B (17-48)

Switch 2 Vlan A (1-8)   Vlan B (9-48)

both vlans need to use port 51 (the Fibre as an uplink)

I have be able to make the Vlans but not link both Vlans with one uplink

Make your "Access" ports untagged on the desired VLAN (and not a member of all others) and make your "Trunk" port Untagged on VID 1 and tagged on every other VLAN.  Match this set up on every switch and you will be rocking and rolling.

new problem

we have 3 * DGS-3324SR core switches

The core switches or connected to the Des-1252 to give the 1Gb uplink

We need to make vlan for each room in are building

the issue is due to expansions of the rooms the ports within the room track back to mutiple Des-1252

SO we need to seprate the Uplinks from the Core switches into vlans

and we need vlans that seprate rooms but will have to cross mutiple core 2 switches (The Des-1252)

Unless I am missing something, I don't see any problems there, all your switches are 802.1q, so just be mindful of which ports to between switches and make them tagged for all VLANs that need to pass over that link.

i know there shouldnt be a problem

I need some help basically we have not got the vlans working on the layer 3 and layer 2 together

I dont understand the settings on the layer 3

Egress, none and forbiden and Gvrp settings

Is there a chance getting sumeone in to help us from dlink

Will try to take some pictures and maybe you can show me what i need to do
sorry uploaded the wrong ones


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