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Author Topic: DAP-1522 connection issues with DWA-520 and DWA-547 cards  (Read 5026 times)


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DAP-1522 connection issues with DWA-520 and DWA-547 cards
« on: September 15, 2009, 11:12:25 AM »

I have some strange issues here with my DAP-1522. The issue occured with firmware 1.20rc16 and still occurs with 1.21, and I can not understand why.

Succesful Connection from DWA-520 (abg card) or DWA-547 (abgn card) to DAP-1522 is only possible, when AP channel selection is set to AUTO. But because AP does  not choose a good channel automatically (I get a very bad throughput) I'd like to set it to channel 4, which is in my location at least 2 channels away from every other AP in my location and will give optimal speeds on all non-DLINK WLAN cards as the built in Intel and Broadcom WLAN Cards in my Laptops which will connect at all AP settings flawlessly.

But independent of which setting i configure in DAP-1522 or in the DWA Drivers, succesful connection with DLINK WLAN Cards is only possible if  AP channel mode is set to AUTO  >:( Otherwise it will not connect at all. I tried everything with advanced options to change, 2,4 GHZ and 5 GHZ, TKIP and / or AES with AES and PSK, limiting bands to g, n, b and g, g and n. Nothing helps against this issue.

I use Vista with the Atheros drivers and Ubuntu 9.04 with the DWA cards, and same issue with both O/S

Any ideas ??? How do I get these DWA cards working if channel in DAP-1522 is set manually  ???

BTW: I get such logs then, when connection fails
Sep 13 22:56:16    [Wireless]Received disassociate:STA 00:1C:F0:C9:78:78 ( reason 8 )
Sep 13 22:29:02    [Wireless]4-way handshake success:STA 00:1C:F0:C9:78:78
Sep 13 22:29:01    [Wireless]Association Sucess:STA 00:1C:F0:C9:78:78
Sep 13 22:29:01    [Wireless]4-way handshake fail:STA 00:1C:F0:C9:78:78
Sep 13 22:28:59    [Wireless]Association Sucess:STA 00:1C:F0:C9:78:78
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