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Author Topic: new network with vlans  (Read 6356 times)


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new network with vlans
« on: June 26, 2020, 03:43:45 AM »

Hello all

 I currently have an asus ac87u to which i connected an av2 1000 and i have an other av2 1000 at the other end

I am changing my home network

 i will be implementing opnsense a server and this will be connected with a single network connection to a managed switch (In the opnsens forum Dlink i select a dlink managed switch) . both of these devices will be configured with vlans.

main lan 192.688.1.1

vlan 10  lan

vlan 20 lan

In addition on this switch will be connected my current ac87u in bridge mode and used as AP

i would like to hard wire all my devices in every room and extend the wifi network of the house.

in 2 rooms i will have multiple devices connected here,  In these rooms i will have a powerline adapter connected to a small smart switch  that will  connect all my devices in that room

in 3 other rooms i will have a single laptop and i would connect these devices to a powerline adapter .

some of the powerline  adapters should extent the wifi signal
In my opinion i have 2 options
1 option:

i can connect one powerline adapter to the main managed switch

in this case all local power adapters should carry all this information in the frame to this main adapter that will send the information to the managed switch that in turn will send that frame to the router so it can route it to the correct device.

the devices that are connected to a small smart switch which is connected to a powerline will carry the vlan information in addition to the ip and mack address

the devices connected to the powerline directly  will carry the device information (ip and mac address)  and connect to the 192.168.1.x lan

option 2

i connect 2 powerline adapters each to its own trunk port  on the main managed switch. The switch will have an ip address of

one of the ports will be untagged and the other will be used as trunk for the vlans

does this give me 2 separate networks?

if so this would this mean that i can pair one of the 2 adapters to the adapters that are connected to the small managed switches on the trunk port. (this will carry the vlan information) they would have 2 vlan. one vlan wih a network address of 192.168.10.X and the other vlan with a network address 192.168.20.x

the 2nd adapter which is pairred to the untagged port will be paired to the other 3 adapters that are connected to a single laptop their network address will be  192.168.0.x

in reading and watching information on frames and packets i believe that one of the 2 option is possible

 any suggestions?

do you have a better solution?


thank you for responding