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Getting different lan address assignments

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have covr 3902 router, cable internet 120g. and voip phone. i have a question as why some of my devices are assisgned a different lan address compared to my other devices connected. when reviewing my connected devices thru .local most devices show lan address as 192.168.0.X(actual number assigned), but my ipad and Lacrosse Weather station reports lan address as 192.168.7.x, why 7 and not 0?. Everything appears to function ok, is this normal?

Also in using Dlink app via wireless to check network, it loads the network map ok  , but when i try to look at an individual device, the app icon spins then times out stating ERROR. Not sure what is causing this, same error message on all connected devices. it i s strange because the app was working fine before
Thanks for assistance and ideas

Do you have Guest Network enabled?

Hi  yes i did have the guess network enabled, but since then I have disabled. but the weather station shows lan address, and one ipad address as all other 12 devices show lan as 192.168.0.various numbers

After disabling Guest Network, reboot the router and these devices that seems to have the guest network IP address...

Thanks did the reboots on devices now get getting the correct lan address assignment (192.168.0.x ). Understanding now that by using guest network , it creates the .7 designation in the lan address

Still not able to get device info within the D-Link app, I can see the network and devices list, but when I click on a device name to get device details, the app times out and gives me “Error “ message, is there a setting to correct this ?
Thanks Again Jeff


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