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Firmware "UPDATE" to a lower level?


My DCS-936L has a current firmware of 1.08.03 but every time I try to view the camera it tells me I need to UPDATE to 1.07.04, why does it think a lower level firmware is an UPDATE? Do I need to return to 1.07.04 for some reason?

I see this as well. Just Cancel it. I presume there maybe a problem in the app code or FW. There was some issues with v1.08 and broke use of it with a NVR-202L.

Has a factory reset on the camera and setup from scratch been performed?

Yeah, I keep clicking on LATER and just bypass it. I have not gone through a full setup, though the cameras have been unplugged and plugged in again to try to clear it. Just a pain to click LATER each time.

Try a reset and setup from scratch and see. Might remove the app and re-install as well.

Mines on v1.07 to avoid the NVR issue.


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