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Camera stays offline even when it has a connection


We've been using this camera for a couple weeks now without problem. It's hard wired with an ethernet cable. Last night I looked at the camera via the app, and everything was fine. Later I checked again and it said it was offline. Since then it has never come back online.

- I unplugged the camera for a couple hours and re plugged in.
- I've tested the hardwired ethernet cable with my laptop to rule that out and it works perfectly so I know the camera has internet.
- All the camera does is flash orange.
- For troubleshooting I connected to wifi temporarily - during which it said "unplug the cable to connect to wifi"... it then connected and worked on wifi just as before.
- I don't want to use WIFI! It must be hardwired.

Any ideas?

If it blinks orange with an Ethernet connect, I believe there is either a connection issue (try a different cable or port on your router or switch) or it cannot pull an IP address from your router (try rebooting the router). 

When it is blinking, check your router's client/DHCP table and see if the camera is listed and has an IP address. Try pinging it from a computer.


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