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Hi all
Our company uses two D-Link DGS-1210-28 switches.
Everything was working fine until certain conditions were met.
We got some new Dell Latitude 3400 laptops.
On some of them we installed Ubuntu 18.04LTS and then the surprise came!
From the original 500-600 Mbps download speed, we obtained 40 Mbps. Upload speed is like before (500-600Mbps)
We checked on multiple machines and the result was the same: the combo switch + laptop + OS resulted this low downlaod speed.
We took the laptop outside the network. Speeds were normal.
We switched back to Windows. Download speed came back.
We tested on the same network with some desktop Dells using the same Ubuntu. Download speed normal (high).
We tested may versions of drivers for the RTL81xx network card, cut result the same.
What convinced me that it is tndeed the switch, was the following:
I connected the same configuration through a small non-smart Zyxel gigabit switch. Same setup: Dell laptop and Ubuntu. Speed is high!
I cannot use a switch to all of our computers, that's why i would like to ask you, please advise.
What can i try? We are not using any of the smart features of the switches, i have no VLANS set up and as far as i can tell, the settings are the default ones.
Please help me.

Best regards,


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