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DIR-895L problem after firmware update

I just bought brannd new DLink DIR-895L router.
When connected to control panel via website and connected to internet I received information that firmawre update is available and should be performed.
I accepted and router was updating, than message came it is updated succefully and than router rebooted.
After that I have a constant orange light blinking and nothing happens.
i tried to reset it to facotry settign by holding reset key for 10 seconds but nothing happens.
Made a ticket to technical support but no asnwer yet.
Dont have phone number to call.
I am from Poland in Europe.
The router specification is as follows:
D-Link DIR-895L
H/W: Ver: A2 F/W Ver: V1.13
S/N: RZYMM2H2000034

Thank You for Your help in advance,

I would download the latest FW file from your regional D-Link support office then apply it using this method:
 Emergency Recovery Mode


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