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I was excited to see PD Alive on the DGS products. Found no problem with the DGS-1210-10P, in setting up several PoE Devices on them. In another installation I was doing the same with the DGS-1210-28P switch but found to my dismay I could only set up 10 ports max with PD alive.

Is this intended, because it seems silly that this feature doesn't scale with the bigger sized switches?

There shouldn't be a port limitation for that feature as long as all the clients support it. I sent an email to the switch group for an answer.

What hardware revision and firmware is on the 28P?

Hardware Revision: F1
Firmware Version: 6.11.B033 (was using B023 before but upgraded to see if it would fix it)

The Error I see is:
PD Alive Configuration
Set PDA State Fail.

I had set up Ports 1 - 10 with this on, failed on 11. Disabled 10 was then able to Enable Port 11. Can't enable 10 or 12 after that. That's how I came to the conclusion of 10 port limit.

They emailed the product manager/engineers in Taiwan for an answer if it is a bug or by design. I hope to hear back Monday or Tuesday.

Awesome, thanks!


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