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Need to change IP: MAC change ? release/renew ?


Hi guys

Id like to get a new public ip address cause i suspect instagram has flagged my IP.

My ISP told me they cannot change it manually and that i should try unplug the router overnight and see it it picks up a new IP.

i tried but nothing changed.

Now they said i can do it from the router itself either changing the MAC or through the Release/Renew function (which i didnt find in my dlink dashboard)

Any help in doing this ? i could really use some help


Make sure you turn off the modem as well as the router.  The only way you can change the MAC address is to go to Settings > Internet (Advanced Settings). Next to MAC Address Clone, select a device from the drop-down. This will have the router use the MAC address from the device you selected (computer, smart phone, etc) as the WAN/Internet MAC address. Save the settings. After the router reboots, unplug the power to your modem and router. If your modem has a battery backup, you need to remove the battery and let it sit for 5 minutes. Time may vary depending on your ISP.

Power your modem. Once booted, power on the router. In some cases, again depending on your ISP, you may receive a new IP address. If not, contact the ISP. They CAN give you a new IP address easily.  Changing the MAC address in most cases will do the trick.

thanks man.

2 things: i dont have a modem, I simply have the ethernet cable from the wall plugged into the router.

second, i was thinking to change the router anyway....that would be like changing the MAC, right ? so i might go this routet cause this 850L is pretty old

Yes every network device has a unique MAC address so changing the router will have a different MAC address. 

The 850L is fairly old but still an AC router, so not that old :)  Try the clone mac address and reboot the router. At least you can use it until you get a new router.


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