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Gigabit when directly connected, not when using router

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I have read dozen of similar topics on this without success.  I upgraded my internet service and received a new modem (comcast) and if plus my computer directly into it a receive gigabite speeds of about 600-700 Mb/s (60-70 MB/s), 400Mb/s (40MB/s) with another cable (soon to be replaced).  But regardless gigabit when plugged in directly.

When I plug in through my D-Link dir655 Hardware Version: B1   Firmware Version: 2.10NA I only get 100 mb/s (10MB/s), same as before I upgraded.  So obviously it's the router.  I've tried the link speed to full duplex, no change.  QoS and traffic shaping are already turned off.

Any other ideas?

Sorry to brings this up again.


You'll need to get into a new generation DIR series router. The 655 doesn't support anything near 900Mbps. I believe it maxed out at around 200Mbps.
The DIR-882 or 890L support near 900Mbps speeds.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Things I'm not getting anything close to 200, just getting the same 100, same as before the upgrade.  The gigabit works fine between two computers on the LAN, regularly getting 500+.

Are you saying it wont pass a gigabit connection through the wan, only the lan?


Correct. The is no WAN to LAN hardware acceleration features in older routers that helps newer generation routers get near 900Mbps on the WAN to LAN speeds.


Such a simple explanatin for why this "Gigabit" device has had this "problem".  I wonder why this never appeared in the dozens of other threads but hey I'm happy now.

Guess its time to buy a new router and flash this with firmware that allows repeating/bridging.  I assume the original DD-WRT should do it.

Thank you again.


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