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Tool for managing configuration files?



is there a tool which let us manage different config files?

Example, config file saved from a 1210-28P C1, switch fails, replaced with an 1210-28P F1, config file from C1 is incompatible to the F1.
That means an extended downtime and business stop because we need to setup the new switch from zero with screenshots from the faild one.

We would need a tool, which allows us to load a config file and export it as a compatible config file for another switch.
As example, with Mikrotik devices we are able to edit a exported config file with a text editor and so we are able to replace devices within minutes. We replaced a failed CCR1036 with a CCR1072 within 20 minutes - from unboxing to fully operational state. We would appreciate such a solution for D-Link as well.

A non PoE config to a PoE witch, a 1210 config to a 1510 and so on...



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