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Port Forwareding and setting up a Translate Port - DSR-250


So I go to Security > Custom Service and fill out all the info as show bellow.

Name- RDP
Type - Both
Port Type - Port Range
Source Start Port - 1
Source Finish Port - 65535
Dest Start Port - 3389
Dest Finish Port - 3389

I then save it and move on to the Firewall Rules > add and then try the following to set translation port to 3381.

From zone - Insecure WAN
To Zone - Secure LAN
Service - Scroll to bottom for the one you created above
Action - Always Allow
Source hosts - Any (or if you know the IP of the computer on the internet)
Internal IP address - IP Address of your server
Enable port forwarding - ON
Translate Port Number - 3381
External IP address - WAN

I think go to my computer open RDP and try connect with my IP example 123.456.78.9:3381 if I change the firewall settings of the translate port to 3389 it work but want it set to something else for more secretly and I do not want to change the port in the windows registry. Any and all help would be appreciated!

Thank every one!


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