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DCS-936L - Firmware 1.08.03 released


Firmware 1.08.03 released.

Firmware - ftp://FTP2.DLINK.COM/PRODUCTS/DCS-936L/REVA/DCS-936L_REVA_FIRMWARE_v1.08.03.zip

Release Notes:
- Change mydlink agent to v2.2.0-b71
- NIPCA CGI change to support digest only
- Disable TLS v1.0, v1.1
- Modify the “GET /common/info.cgi” only response value

Installed via iPhone mydlink.app. Installed correctly.
Visible on both iPhone and Android.

NVR-202L is not working after upgrading to v1.08 on the 936L:

There is no video on the NVR-202L UI for this camera after the upgrade.
ALL other cameras are working.

Live video appears on it's web page in Windows 7x64/IE11x32
Reboot of both NVR and 936L ail to bring video for the 936L.
Selecting Scan Camera in the 202L UI removed the 936L from is Camera List.  :(

Similar issue see on different NVR model with this camera:

Try resetting the 936L and setup again.

I will need the firmware and revision of the 202L.

Agent Version :   2.2.0-b61   
Current NVR Firmware Version :   v2.05.07   
Firmware Date :  Jan 7 2019   
Current NVR Device Pack :  v2.17.02   
Device Pack Date :  Jan 07 2019

Search feature in 202L reports finding the camera and the info is correct. Fills in the data fields. After adding the PW for the camera and selecting ADD, I get a Verification error. Add camera anyway? message. Save is successful. Selecting Live View sees the other two cameras and Connecting..... for the 936L only and no video appears.


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