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Very much nobie question re link aggregation/port trunking



Been trying to confirm this very basic question re port trunking.  Appreciate about setting up a port trunking group of 2 ports (my D8500 Netgear modem router has 2 ports it can use for port trunking / link aggregation.  Now ports 1 and 2 of my DGS-1210-20, are used in this port group.  Does that mean ports 3 to 20 then utilizes the increased bandwidth that has been created through this 2 port trunking group between the switch and D8500????

Hi, yes, the rest of your clients will profit from the LAG.
Remember, the 1210 are hashing on L2 basis, that means they load balance the MAC addresses. It works better with multiple devices (MAC addresses). Instead of having one gateway with a lot of clients behind one MAC.



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